Unmistakable Clarity


C3 Logix Performance Polygons

  • Measurement of multiple domains improves diagnostics and enables RTP decision-making.
  • Unified visualization of performance comparing follow-up assessments to baseline highlights impairments in specific domains.
  • Allows identification of specific areas of impairment or lagging recovery and more timely referral to specialists for intervention.

C3 Logix System

Effective management of a concussion requires communication from athletes, parents, ATC’s, coaches, school nurses, school administrators, teachers, and doctors. C3 Logix is the only platform that brings data collection and insight together in one location.C3 Logix:

  • Provides a mechanism to unite ATCs, MDs, PTs, and Researchers in collection of common outcomes.
  • Provides reliable and objective assessment of postural stability, working memory, set switching, reaction time, learning and static and dynamic visual acuity.
  • Provides web based access for remote expert evaluation.
  • Provides visual indicators that focus attention and expedite appropriate care.

Concussion often presents with varying symptomatology and most experts think it should be evaluated using a multifactorial approach… Although neuropsychological testing has proven to be a valuable tool in concussion management, it is most useful when administered as part of a comprehensive assessment battery that
includes grading of symptoms and clinical balance tests. Guskiewicz, 2011
I think of it as another tool in the tool belt. Trying to identify concussions is tough. We have 200 athletes and three trainers, so you can’t keep track of everyone on every play. Don McPhillips, head athletic trainer, John Carroll University
Our priority is the safety of our athletes, and judging when someone is OK to play is one of the hardest parts of our jobs. Sometimes it’s the little impacts that can cause the biggest injuries. Don McPhillips, head athletic trainer, John Carroll University